Autobus GmbH Ralf Schlechter − Patient transport in the Kitzbühel district

If you need to go to an examination or treatment appointment (e.g. dialysis), to the doctor or to hospital, then let us take you there and pick you up. We will collect you from your home in good time and take you to your door. We are also happy to accompany frail patients to the counter. Please note that we are unable to transport wheelchairs. We will pick you up again after your treatment.

Transport to medical facilities with a transport voucher

If the costs of medically necessary transport are to be covered by your social insurance provider (ALL SHI Funds)
you will need a transport licence from a doctor or hospital.
doctor or a hospital. Please clarify the matter with
your doctor in good time. If you do not have a
transport licence, the journey must be paid for privately. A
subsequent reimbursement is not possible.

Patient transport to medical examination or treatment appointments

As a private transport company

we do not transportmedical emergencies.


In case of emergency call 144!